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R.I.P. Wes Craven

Here are two quick things about me:

  1. I one time recorded a baseball game without the written consent of Major League Baseball.
  2. I am very scared of horror movies and avoid them at all costs.

The first confession was just something I wanted to get off my chest (do your worst MLB!). However, the second confession is fitting with the passing of horror film legend Wes Craven. For you see, what I said is true, I am very scared of horror movies. Not so much while I’m watching them but afterwards when I am alone with my thoughts. I got a wild imagination and unfortunately it is not always used for good, like imagining I am on a date with Kelly Kapowski in the early 90s or that my parents actually love me…

But I digress. While I avoid horror movies like the plague or eating healthy, I still have seen a number of Wes Craven’s films. In fact, Wes Craven films probably account for about 80% of the horror movies I have seen (some of which I have seen upwards of twice!)

That in itself is quite an accomplishment and speaks to the popularity and enjoyment Wes Craven’s films brought us over the years. So with that, I say thank you to Wes Craven and present you all with trailers to some of his movies…at least I assume these are the trailers…I was too scared to watch them. Enjoy!

The Last House on the Left




A Nightmare on Elm Street


Freddy vs Jason

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