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Wait…What?: Hi-C Ecto Cooler Now Becoming a Beer

Anyone who grew up in the 80s and watched  The Real Ghostbusters cartoon (fuck that fake Ghostbusters show that always seemed to be on TV more often) likely also enjoyed drinking Hi-C Ecto-Cooler. And why wouldn’t we enjoy it? It was 90% sugar and Slimer approved!

Well now a Pennsylvania brewery is taking my two favorite things and combining them: Nostalgia and Beer!

That’s right, The Tired Hands Brewing Company in Ardmore, Pennsylvania has announced a limited edition batch of beer inspired by Ecto-Cooler called NectoCooler. They apparently used grilled nectarines to add the citrus flavor to a sour wheat beer. That actually sounds pretty good, I’ll take 15 cases! What’s that? The beer is only available for purchase at the brewery? Well that sucks. Tell you what, I was planning on a road trip anyway, I would love to see Pennsylvania in the fall. Come again? The beer sold out in a matter of days? So there is none left? So this whole post was pointless? Well, I guess I’ll go fuck myself. While I do so, please enjoy this classic Ecto-Cooler commercial.

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