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Simpsons: “Lisa’s Wedding” episode was pretty good a predicting the future

Back in 1995 The Simpsons aired an episode titled “Lisa’s Wedding” in which the show jumped 15 years into the future to 2010 and made some pretty cool predictions for what life would be like at that time. Here are a couple things they got right and feel deserve credit for. Enjoy.



We all new video phones were eventually going to be around but let’s give credit for predicting Skype and/or FaceTime.


Talking to Watches<br /><br /><br />
In the flash-forward 1995 episode “Lisa’s Wedding,” Lisa’s fiancé talks to his watch. Thanks to Samsung, there are now loads of people talking to their wrists.

Lisa’s fiance Hugh Parkfield talks into a wristwatch phone which Samsung has recently created.


Rolling Stones Geriatric Tour<br /><br /><br />
In the same episode there is a poster for a 2010 Rolling Stones tour. The Stones have been on the road as late as 2012.

It was seen as laughable that the Rolling Stones would still be touring in 2010 when this episode aired in 1995 but The Stones most recent tour was 2012. Who is laughing now?



They also have an object on the ground in this scene which could be a kindle or perhaps an Ipad?


  1. Abby says

    And the stones are still touring! Although, not in wheelchairs.

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